The decision of the Velcro for garment industry

by:BAILI     2020-11-08

fastening belt is also called the hook and loop, is one of the most dressed up in industry application products, impregnation and buttons and zippers, unusual compared to dress up on the buttons or zippers, application of fastening belt is more convenient, environmental protection is in the range of application is more and more widely.

often according to two aspects of material and glue to the end of the fastening belt classification.

by 'material', according to the fastening belt material and it can be divided into ribbon, waste plastic and rubber back three model. Different material to supply diversification decisions, according to the actual situation to select the suitable material.

in order to 'glue' classification: glue in fastening take a firm, the tension has two model for high temperature and high temperature resistance. Different colloid viscosity cingulate childbirth in application scope is different.

a high quality of dress, the material and each production problem is planning, with all my heart, and fastening belt as clothes most nervous components, not only better character, viscous, consider the application on clothes and all the degrees, is on the decision must be gentle.

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