The definition of Velcro and practical application

by:BAILI     2020-09-21
Velcro and actual application today, the definition of Velcro is already a paste button is common used in all kinds of things, including shoes, file boxes, clothing, or some of the common even we common some hair decorations. In other words, in the life of people is to be able to use everywhere the paste button. hook and loop is one of the main using nylon material for producing plastic products, the products mainly to paste for some products and some products have simple fixed role, but this seems to be the paste button seems to have no magic. In fact, the paste button can be called the magic of important reason is that can be recycled, and this kind of material has the characteristics of waterproof, and the biggest characteristic is the paste button is through the mode to use snap button, don't need to be repeated with glue, but also can out-of-the-box. Have to say, the hook and loop is a use of a material is very extensive, believe that with the development of science and technology, this kind of environmental material will get more and more useful.
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