The development of Velcro manufacturer about Velcro events

by:BAILI     2020-10-24
Velcro was we usually see on clothing and shoes that can be quickly glue and can also be easily tore his viscosity cingulate, Velcro is just another name. Ordinary Velcro bonding strength is not strong, because it USES local is not need a great deal of bonding strength. Ordinary Velcro is usually applied to clothes. Shoes. Hat. Stationery and so on. Because these items above need to bonding strength is not very big, only need to two pieces of goods didn't stick together it is ok to stick together, no one will be idle to tear don't open it. So also limits the scope of Velcro, no need some larger cohesive force for the items above can not use magic stick, can only use the traditional bonding method. Now billion company adopts foreign advanced technology and equipment developed a powerful magic stick, the hook and loop compared to traditional it has the characteristics of bonding strength huge magic stick. According to the test of the company, this kind of strong adhesive force be two cars can carry 2 tons of cargo trucks to pull to open. When you use, of course, will not let you go find two truck to pull open the hook and loop, we will provide you with relaxed, saving the pulling open method. So the magic stick can be applied to all aspects of the society, no longer need to worry about the lack of binding power. With the successful hosting of the Beijing Olympic Games in China, more and more people join physical activities, a surge in China's sports consumption level, more and more people to join the better, and purchase professional sporting goods to take part in physical activities. Professional sports goods, such as shoes, as more and more people to watch the NBA and CBA tournament, basketball has become their favorite activities. In order to be better in the basketball court, they will choose basketball stars endorsement of basketball shoes, and the common characteristics in these shoes is comfortable wearing feeling. A lot of shoes will be in the form of Velcro, convenient people in at the same time, because the hook and loop with good adhesion, won't appear the phenomenon of often off his shoes. Put on those who need to tie his shoes sneakers, a lot of time in order to avoid off his shoes a lot of people, very tight, his shoe LACES to wear uncomfortable, and can avoid this problem, but the key is to choose a good adhesion Velcro. Billion textile co. , LTD is a professional production equipment, has imported advanced technology of hook and loop producers. Production of hook and loop was welcomed by many ball manufacturer, with good adhesion to meet consumer demand for the shoes, it also see little Velcro on sporting goods applications. As the saying goes 'detail decides success or failure'. No matter what, detail processing is very important, the details of the deal with things will affect the success or failure of the event. In fact, the truth in life, too. To deal with some of the details of life will make your life more convenient, also can make you more enjoy life, enjoy it. Let us about Velcro manufacturer hook and loop a small piece of this watch is not outstanding son use it in their lives. We can be seen everywhere in life some of the long line but not away, at this time the Velcro can have the use of it. Like this for the long term, you can put them away, and received the length you need, and then you can use magic tie fixed them up, you will not only beautiful, but use magic tie was practical test is its convenience, if is to bind with lines in secondary to untie knot, and use it every time you trouble. And magic with just one can realize, simple. can be used not only in this can also be used in kitchen, toilet. Back glue Velcro, it can be a good fit to the smooth back of the plane, get fixed, so some of the things we don't have to want to kitchen, toilet row about the place or feel not planted. Velcro pocket is also very practical oh, add a Velcro in shopping mouth place, not only when to use special convenient, but also appear beautiful, this is the little fellow housewives experience. Velcro, it brought countless convenience to our lives, for us to solve a lot of little troubles of life, learn to create inspiration in life, learn to life! Small life, big happy!
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