The difference between the back to back Velcro and back glue Velcro analysis

by:BAILI     2020-09-04
The difference between the back to back Velcro and back glue Velcro analysis: for people outside the industry maybe someone will think back glue Velcro and back to back Velcro is the same kind of Velcro, it's not. What is back to back Velcro! Back to back Velcro is to put the Velcro hook face and hair side by equipment joint together back to back. Velcro cable tie is the use of this technology. Can according to customer requirements silk screen LOGO graphic information and stamping all kinds of shapes. Velcro cable tie is one of the main product is Jackie. What glue Velcro back again! Small make up have explained to you many times before, back when the glue Velcro at the back of the ordinary Velcro through a layer of hot melt adhesive lamination equipment evenly to the hook and loop on the back, then laminating paper mold or mold membrane. Back glue Velcro is widely used in paper, plastic, glass, leather, hardware and so on all smooth surface objects, have the characteristics of high temperature resistant, low temperature resistance. Also can stamping all kinds of shapes according to customer demand, the product also can be used for protection of 櫈 chair foot pad, fixed products, or for a raincoat, fish tank, clothing, handbags, bags and other fields. Now I believe you of the two kinds of Velcro should have a certain understanding, so in the choice of time can also be the right choice.
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