The emergence of the back-to-back fastening belt change the traditional way of life

by:BAILI     2020-09-23
Back-to-back sticky strap appear to change the traditional way of life of convenience of fastening back-to-back with Velcro cable tie to change our life: what is Velcro cable tie? Someone asked, Velcro cable tie is our commonly used back-to-back fastening belt, but it is different with other cable tie, other cable tie is a firm type fast knot, when you will he opens again, but it is difficult to take down the well, while the Velcro cable tie with other tie with different products, as long as you will tie to bind things turn around a circle, and then gently hook and loop hook surface rough sides together with respect to OK, what a convenient cable tie, then when will you be Velcro cable tie down, in the gently to the direction of the cable tie around the hair surface with hook face gently peel with respect to OK, so convenient cable tie is in this age of discovery, at present I am in it, is that every day I go to work with the data line, as long as gently tied to a piece of, take good take. At ordinary times we go out or a long trip, always carry a lot of luggage, bags, have to wear, so we have to prepare a tie to bundle the luggage together, in order to convenient to carry, so we found the back of a chair fastening belt, it is a tie belt buckles, as long as the button of the cable tie around the luggage to a circle, can the luggage are all tied together, it bring convenient, durable quality. It can carry more than one hundred jin. Also can stick easy tear easily, easy to carry. Back-to-back fastening belt now not only used in the textile industry, material industry, also used in the electronics industry, such as electrical industry the phone cable, computer wire of household electrical appliances and so on electrical wire wire need to use magic. With us one of the most common is the mobile phone and computer data line wire, etc. We usually go out or travel don't forget to take their cell phones and computers, it's our only way of communication, so we must also carry mobile phones and computer cable, it is taken for granted, then we will need to bring the management of these wire appliance, use what management? , of course, is made of the best management of hook and loop cable tie, will these annoying wires were all tied together and cast them together, and makes it easier to find when looking for.
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