The five features of back glue Velcro bring convenience to your life

by:BAILI     2020-09-24
The five features of back glue Velcro bring convenience to your life back glue hook and loop is around us conveniences, we contact every day, back glue Velcro is in ordinary Velcro on the back of the coated with hot melt glue, the glue viscosity is very big, when used as long as posted on glue tear paper can stick it on the smooth surface and high density of an object, and won't fall off easily, very convenient, we use the most common is that it ACTS as a connection on the clothing accessories, it can now be replace clothes buttons and zippers, we often when using buttons buttons of loss because of various reasons, this is a very troublesome thing, when you dress with hook and loop, you can according to the size of the wrist to adjust the size of the cuff, very comfortable, we for the back glue Velcro may not know much about, he brought together under the understand its performance. 1. Back glue Velcro tensile sex is very strong, this is because its material is nylon, this material is very light, is also very strong, and then after the special craft processing, the finished product can have a lot of tensile properties, the time in the bundled the weight will not break, very safe, so we often can see them when I was in transportation. 2. Its extensibility is small, everybody knows polypropylene ( PP) Extensibility of the band, it only polypropylene ( PP) With one 6, which means that after the bound object, it will not have loose, can be very good to hold objects. 3. Heat is very good, whether glue or material, are all with high temperature resistance, average temperature below 120 degrees can't what is the effect of its operation, so with this feature, it can be used in automobile parts is fixed, we know that in summer the temperature of the auto parts easily reach 80 degrees, with the help of the hook and loop can be very good to hold it. 4. Very soft, because the cause of the production materials, it itself is very soft, and the edge is not sharp, can adapt to the use of the big crowd, won't cause harm to our body and bundled items. 5. Product is very beautiful, production technology up to now, we can see a variety of colors in the market of Velcro, we also they can be used in different areas, some people in the home when not can be used to make ornaments, girls can also beautify themselves by wearing a hairpin Velcro, this is very useful. To understand the characteristics of the back glue Velcro so much, believe that we are using to play the functions of it, give to more convenient for us.
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