The history of modern use of adhesive Velcro_

by:BAILI     2021-04-10

Speaking of Velcro, many people don't have any idea about it, but its underlying concept is something that many people can't imagine. So what do you know about the use of Velcro? Velcro can be easily glued and removed, and they are reused many times, so more and more people like it. In daily life, the use of hook and loop fasteners is ubiquitous, especially the use of back adhesive hook and loop fasteners. Some unexpected uses for you, what do you know?

First of all, for example, IPAD, you can use the adhesive hook and loop to paste the ipad anywhere, and even in the office, whether your folder uses traditional iron buckles, it is troublesome to use, and Wasting your precious time, as long as you use the adhesive Velcro, it is easy and convenient to save time. Every place in the day will have the shadow of the adhesive Velcro. Take a look at some interesting examples of the days below.

1. There are too many clutter in the house, and it will be messy after cleaning up for a while. Whether to consider using adhesive tape to fix lighter products on walls or corners. At home, the room immediately became much more tidy and pleasing to the eye. For ladies who love beauty and cleanliness, the adhesive Velcro Velcro is the best choice.

2. In your home life, using adhesive tape to make the adhesive part of the photo frame or the painter will remove the trouble of nailing? It can be done in a simple and easy way, and it is beautiful and useful. Ladies no longer need to hammer nails and clink.

3. Nowadays, electronic products are changing rapidly. How can you get the latest and most trendy electronic products such as TV/computer/mobile phone/digital camera in your home? Not the data cable or plug you want to use. If you have adhesive-backed Velcro hook-and-loop wire ties, it is clearer. Sort and handle the data cables, tie them, and put them away. Take out the time you want to use, and you're satisfied. Isn't it simple to be an organized person?

The traditional concept of self-adhesive Velcro leaves people with a sticky image that can be pasted and then pasted on the window screen. But apart from the window screen, it can be divided into many very small ones. The conceived thing: It can be pasted on toys, and can be pasted on all the interfaces with it, but it is a textile accessory, why don't you think that it has contact with electrical appliances? It may be, and I also think it is. At first I did this profession for a long time, but I didn’t realize that it had a close connection with electrical appliances, and it brought more dedication to the electrical industry, so I admire it. The universal function and highly conceived feature of random paste!

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