The history of Velcro

by:BAILI     2020-11-10

what is the hook and loop, there are lots of people may not know but the application of Velcro in life is really a lot, could have a lot of people wonder what's it like in hook and loop? It is necessary for us to know about is the application of Velcro in life. Velcro is our clothes on a common auxiliary items, it can be divided into two sides male female, a comparison is relatively soft fiber, the other side is relatively hard like xiaomao claw. The characteristics of this design is to just let the hook and loop can be in real life play its proper function. Velcro was originally by an American invention, its role is largely used in various need frequent opening and closing or fit place, such as some clothes, shoes and hats, or some curtains and so on these places, because of its application is more extensive, so as the actual need to change it also often happen some, but no matter how to change, its main function is no change. because of all sorts of changes in forms and application in various industries, there may be some people don't know the change of its form, but in real life it is in the use of the deformation of the Velcro.

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