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by:BAILI     2020-11-05
KeGuanChu yesterday, according to

city recently, because of illegal to change the license plate, violate compasses operation, administrative detention, his brother name of cao was the public security organs, the city KeGuanChu will also be in accordance with the 'bottom line management, illegal waste' management rules, the cancellation of the qualification. Recently, the city KeGuanChu received complaints, hubei AX1350 taxi bargaining violate compasses operation, the vehicle at the time of operation of complaint KeGuanChu query, found the car and no related operating records. Previously, hubei AX1350 master class drivers also have ever been to the city traffic administration reflects, as, the vehicle plate has been altered others, city traffic administration related registration and filing. City KeGuanChu JiZhaBan promptly with the municipal public security bureau traffic management bureau wade CARDS for the center link, 'eye' video monitoring found that the vehicle license plate is to be obtained 'hook and loop' changes, after the driver characteristics to the taxi driver database, locking the illegal change the license plate and illegal operation of the taxi driver name of cao. Public security traffic administration of the alleged illegal name of cao the arraignment, the name of cao confessed illegal or irregular act.

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