The introduction of the back glue Velcro cable tie

by:BAILI     2020-09-14
Introduction about the back glue Velcro cable tie back glue Velcro cable tie is on the basis of ordinary hook and loop, using hot melt machine dissolved the glue evenly in ordinary hook and loop on the back, with a layer of oil on the glue is not stained with glue paper, form the magic stick of gum. Back glue hook and loop cable tie with several types of glue. If the hook and loop is used in winter or low temperature environment, you can use ordinary low melting point hot melt water, adhesion is not strong, able to paste the time is short. And made of high temperature hot melt adhesive glue Velcro back, you can use the environment more. Widely used in machinery manufacturing, garment manufacturing, chemical production process, the adhesive ability is very strong, use the time lasting, higher than the ordinary back glue, of course. Back glue Velcro with many advantages. First back glue Velcro is very easy to use off the protection of the adhesive paper, can be used directly, density can be posted in any place. Second, the back glue Velcro cable tie has a protective effect, can also be used in the process of large transport.
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