The invention of the back glue Velcro cable tie solved the difficult problems in life

by:BAILI     2020-09-14
Back glue hook and loop cable tie of the invention solves the problems in life with back glue hook and loop cable tie this design, you can literally have to speak, it implements the connection mode of the object changes, especially the connecting way of cloth art products. Before did not appear back glue hook and loop cable tie, people for the connection or main stay of cloth in using needle and thread to sewing part, but the needle sewing way too complicated and trouble, people always can't clamps for fabrics often need to open and close frequently split open the job? In order to solve this problem, people invented a method. This method is still very common, that is the buckle. Through a two sides on the internal nail button to realize the opening and closing of cloth. Have to say this method still has certain creativity. This method there is a drawback, that is the clasp to open and close frequently causes button is loose, fall off, affect the dressing experience and so on. So people invented the back glue Velcro this can suit innovative structure of opening and closing over and over again.
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