The latest situation of the Velcro textile industry_

by:BAILI     2021-04-17

my country is a big country in the production and export of textiles. After years of development, my country’s textile work itself has significant competitive advantages. It has the world’s most complete industrial chain, the highest level of processing facilities, and many prosperous industrial clusters respond to shopping malls. Dangerous self-regulation can be continuously strengthened, which provides a solid guarantee for the steady progress of work.

From the perspective of the world environment, there is still a lot of room and opportunity for expansion in world shopping malls. Following the expiration of China-EU textile quotas at the end of 2007 and the end of China-U.S. textile quotas at the end of 2008, my country’s textile quota-free era is approaching, and all areas that account for more than 60% of the global textile market will be opened up, which will bring endless textile transactions in my country Chance. In the next few years, the world economy will still be in the rising range, which will surely promote the increase of world transactions, which will bring favorable world market guarantee to the increase of my country's textile and apparel exports.

From the perspective of the domestic economic environment, domestic needs will become an important driving force for work addition. 80% of my country's textiles are spent domestically. With the continuous and rapid growth of the domestic economy, the steady progress of residents' income will stimulate the further development of domestic demand markets.

my country’s textile companies should overcome the difficulties of rising raw materials, RMB appreciation and export tax rebate adjustments, seize the opportunity of textile work, advance the concentration of industries, curb the blind expansion of inefficient production capacity, and increase characteristic industries. The production of the park strengthens the pace of independence and innovation, advances the brand production of my country's textile work, and carries out industrial adjustments and upgrades. Make our country move from a big textile country to a strong textile country.

Suggestions regarding the situation and questions faced by textile work at that time:

First, the question of cotton price difference should be dealt with, and the question of domestic and foreign cotton price difference should be dealt with quickly to speed up the textile work. An important way to stabilize and rise is also a useful way to avoid a further decline in the world market share of China's textile and apparel industry. It is recommended to adopt real and useful methods as soon as possible to reduce the price difference between domestic and foreign cotton, avoid the continuous expansion of cotton price difference, and reduce the burden of cotton textile companies.

The second is: to strengthen support for small and medium-sized companies. Textile small, medium and micro companies are the main force for absorbing work. It is recommended to continue to implement the national policies and methods for small and medium companies, pay attention to the difficulties faced by small and medium companies at any time, and solve problems for small and medium companies in a timely manner to advance the competitiveness of small and medium companies.

The third is: continue to support work transformation and promotion. Continue to support textile companies to implement technological transformation and technological innovation, advance the added value of work products, and fundamentally advance work competitiveness.

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