The Logo with back glue Velcro can stick firmly

by:BAILI     2020-10-17
Logo is a sign of a business, that is, Logo or trademark language abbreviation, is the abbreviation of LOGOtype, play on Logo with the company's recognition and promotion, through the image of the Logo can let the consumer remember company main body of brand culture. In the day more than the fierce global market competition, strict management and proper use of unified standards of the company's logo, will provide a more effective, more clear and more friendly market image. Logo design must have its own meaning, or even do again beautiful, perfect is beautiful, in the form of the little significance. This requires that the logo must have their own symbolic significance. With the development of social economy and people's aesthetic psychological change, logo design increasingly diversified and personalized, the application of new material, new technology, and the realization of the digital, networked, logo design within the wider field of vision have played an important role in propaganda and establish a brand. Let's take a look at the logo in the application of Velcro! ! ! ! Logo on the back glue Velcro widespread application of the most common is the hook and loop cable tie, belt. Velcro cable tie often used in electronic products belong to the company logo logo printing. Logo forms of combination is generally divided into in design, in font, font synthesis. 。 Velcro cable tie printing type logo font, belong to the ideographic symbol, meaning clear, direct, and identified the body, easy to be understood. Bind is applicable to: electronic science and technology industry, electronics products, stationary items, electronic wire, medical equipment, mechanical internal use, etc. Colour diversity, some buyers to highlight itself, personalized products, printing, logo design, belong to the imagery symbols, unique, eye-catching, design itself vulnerable to distinguish, the memory, through hidden diseaes, lenovo, summarize and abstract painting performance method is identified, the expression of its concept of generalization and image. Some products need to be exported to foreign countries, in order to show the company logo, to choose the color more bright-coloured bind unique logo logo printing. Logo on the back glue Velcro selection is diversity, colorful hook and loop cable tie, belt, printing Logo on the Logo, make its products more diversified, visualization, increase the brand awareness of the company. Textile is a company specializing in the production of Velcro, fastening belt processing factories, has a complete and scientific quality management system. The design of the hook and loop cable tie, belt, colour diversity, want to know more about the logo mark on the http://jianhuifzp. com/
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