The magic of textile production with what advantage

by:BAILI     2020-10-08
In the case of market competition, the enterprise wants to occupy a place in the market, need to focus on product quality and after-sale work malicious kung fu, textile is with what captured many big companies? 1, the hook and loop raw materials using imported raw materials, use of Polyester ( Polyester) And rubber Flex ( Rubber elasticity) Technology for complex processing, has the leading technology of dyed before weaving, the final pass strict testing. 2, the color of the Velcro and hook and loop has a pretty color style, and feel to the touch is very soft, the surface quality of a material is a kind of very fine, the product itself will not be the color of the light has beautiful without burr, the color faded phenomenon, but also has high washing fastness, do not contain azo dye, dry friction degree is strong etc. Characteristics. 3, the quality of the Velcro has been through the national requirements, and achieved the Polyester ( Polyester) Dyed before weaving, light beautiful not fluff, the whole volume no ChuJie head of the world's leading technology. Four, Velcro certification Velcro products can completely through the eu REACH, OEKO - TEX STANDARD 100, and a series of tests, as well as our country's textile center, product testing, ITS national STANDARD ecological authentication test can pass completely green, safety, environmental protection. 5, the standard of Velcro Velcro products do not contain azo and very weak acid resistance, water resistance, alkali resistance is to use many of the clothing brand in the market good Velcro products. Full compliance with European countries, Asian countries, Europe and the United States the industry of environmental protection requirements, such as the quality is in the leading position in the global. In hook and loop manufacturer, outstanding product is to attract customers the most fundamental principle, therefore, we must be very clear and understand what are the advantages of the Velcro products, from raw materials, various color various styles and product model and so on deep understanding, can control our customers! Textile of BMSC after oneself first the basic principle of doing things, the production process of Velcro is harsh to the extreme, we control the quality of our products and even with a little bit of magic hook silk, we also throw him, readjust the mechanical production, to ensure zero defective product sent to the customer's hands. Textile always firmly believe that: quality is an important factor of captive customers. Welcome to inquire: 15920637637 / Liang Sheng
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