The magic stick of gum color fastness

by:BAILI     2020-09-01

the magic stick of gum color fastness. Color fastness is also called the color fastness. Refers to the textile products in the processing and application process of resist the influence of all kinds of color. On the basis of dyeing and color change of samples after the color fastness of grading. Textile color fastness experiment is external quality inspection practices.

the magic stick of gum

textiles in the application process, will play a lighting, washing, ironing, perspiration, friction and chemical effect. Also have special textile dyeing and finishing course pack disposal, such as resin packing, flame retardant, sand washing, pack, this will request the relativity of textile printing and dyeing color fastness to adhere to certain.

color fastness is good or bad, is indirect relation to the human healthy and peace, in the process of wear, the product of poor color fastness to encounter rain, sweat can make the paint fading, part dye and heavy metal ions can through the process of receiving by human body skin, the skin is healthy persecution, on the one hand the rest of the dress also can affect the shape of the wear is dirty, or to wash the dirty clothes and the rest of the clothes and the rest.

let's choose shenzhen Velcro Velcro or the rest of the textile manufacturers, will always pay attention to color fastness to choice.

can sticker on the back glue Velcro, very strange!

there are many people have seen trust paste on the smooth walls or plastic bottles, but few have seen, the paper can also be used accessories, very strange, what accessories can sticker, it is the back glue Velcro!

how a Velcro back glue stick method, have to have what kind of premise, gum magic with what characteristics? Small make up one by one to everyone: expression comes the magic stick of gum it is a combination of materials and glue, and separation to explain is: gum + Velcro. Velcro is a kind of is a wall, a wall is hair accessories, two side just pressing slightly, can paste together, but also convenient and draw up on stick! Gum? Is the Velcro hook wool with a thin layer of glue layer, only need to stick his smooth interface can again, if used to paste paper, have to be on the basis of the gram weight of paper to paste, the glue can be divided into several grades, are popular, with sticky, with room temperature and has high temperature resistance, high temperature resistant glue, etc. The glue on the Velcro discord can stick to smooth interface.

the hook and loop of gum

the magic stick back glue application methods: trick glue outside with a layer of tape, after the strip of paper can be any tricks, but on the smooth interface. Problem is the thickness of the paper must be sure, the weight of the paper means less than too little, lest destroy the paper. Application in the space for chewing gum? For example: in a sealed box, trash can. O pen, gift boxes, etc. , are the cartons, can use!

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