The material of back glue Velcro commonly used have?

by:BAILI     2020-09-16
The material of back glue Velcro commonly used have? Back glue Velcro, believes everyone not unfamiliar, often can see in our daily life, also used frequently. In simple terms, the back glue hook and loop is held together by a hook, and on the other side of the plush fabric cloth zhuang phase, phase to stick together can produce viscous force, with the hand a word can make both sides natural separation, because this kind of situation, so there was the name of the back glue Velcro. For back glue Velcro at the present stage, due to the different production material, so also is different. First of all, the most common is nylon material, this kind of material on the back glue Velcro often placed in the back glue back glue hook and loop cable tie or a dress, very soft, won't feel uncomfortable to use. Second, as well as polyester material, this is a not very good, relatively hard, and feels rough. Furthermore is A grade nylon material, this is good in material, with this in A lot of big brand clothing back glue Velcro, and also can be used on babies, won't cause damage to the child's skin. The last is a kind of material not catch hair, multi-purpose close-fitting clothing, also is a kind of relatively well.
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