The Mercedes plates a tear it down with a magic stick

by:BAILI     2020-10-24
Mercedes plates is with Velcro touch? This small make up revision opinion of Velcro, hook and loop unexpectedly can be so severe to the stability of the car surface, it won't let many people changed the opinion of Velcro, don't is to use the power of the wind to make Velcro fall down? Anyway, police's uncle was particularly don't like this kind of behavior, but small make up can find ah this Velcro should use on the future, not limited license plate. Police said the installation harm is big, the owner has been fined 200 yuan with 12 points, a license plate with Velcro stick on the scene straight right turn lanes is stopped when the reporter arrived at the scene, the Mercedes car the driver is undergoing the punishment of the traffic police, but she did not say this kind of installation method is the way to learn the tear famous brand. The Mercedes jeep licence has been the traffic police. Reporter saw, license plate, a few points on the back of sticking with thick double-sided adhesive by owners, upward side also stick a hook and loop. And installed in vehicle license plate location, but also with double-sided tape, double-sided adhesive of the outside is the other side of the hook and loop, such as long as the license plate on the car, two sides of the Velcro is glued together. More deceptive is, in the position of the vehicle license plate mounting screws, owners also 'careful' screw in the screw, and then screw will wring from behind the license plate, the front button again installed plates, from appearance to look not to come out at all. 'I was in a nearby patrol, found the car turn right at the straight lines, I ride a motorcycle chase after go up, and ask to see this female drivers driving license, but the driver refused to show me at that time. According to the program, when I see the car license, found a drag with the hand, licence should easily get down! A 'peace police brigade police Cai Jie is introduced. 'Police this plate of installation way is the first time thanks to our traffic police carefully, because the license plate installation look not to come out at all from the appearance, is the traffic police stopped by us, if you don't have to hand touch under the license. This is the first time we found in this installation, in the process of the former law enforcement has not been met. 'Traffic police, this way of installation license harm is very big,' because of this installation and tore brand is the same, so it is easy to licence will be taken down. Such as highway on the license plate, then the car speeding, or after the accident escape, not found. Even in the city, as long as the licence, running red lights or hit-and-run, electronic police are not taken. So we of this' installation plate not according to stipulations of illegal punishment is very strict, the vehicle drivers will be fined 200 yuan, a full 12 points penalty. ”
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