The Ministry of Foreign Affairs why talk about four and a half years to solve the Somali pirates hijacked the incident

by:BAILI     2020-10-20
Xinhua Beijing on October 24, a spokesman for the Ministry of Foreign Affairs lu kang 24 why Somali pirates boats in response to the occurrence of the incident, said the four and a half years to be resolved to ensure the hostage safety is the primary consideration, making rescue work more complex and difficult. 'To rescue the hostages is never an easy thing. 'Lu kang said at a regular press conference. ' but no matter how hard, no matter how much patience, the Chinese government has determined to, as much as possible, take our compatriots home. 'In March 2012, Oman Taiwanese fishing boat' NAHAM3 'by Somali pirates. Through various efforts, Beijing standard time on October 22, 2016, 26 crew members to the survival of all security rescued, and under the United Nations agencies to assist in 23, arrived in Kenya. Lu kang said, 'people-oriented, diplomacy for the people' is the consistent purpose of the Chinese government, China has been the hijacked crew's life safety in the first place. To all involved in the rescue China also express our sincere thanks to the institutions and personnel.
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