The most popular magic stick here this year

by:BAILI     2020-09-07
Let's the use of NOMEX flame retardant fabrics, more than the nylon fabrics with life support. Neckline for lapel style, make the air more spirit. In addition in the left breast and a more than a year the most popular hook and loop patch design, easy to paste logo in various army, eye-catching performance of their identity. If you look carefully, you will find that the position of the pocket have also changed, than MA - 1 is much higher, this change also contains a story about military image, MA - earlier 1 low pocket, pilots nothing likes to his hands into his pocket, appear very leisurely, in order to defend JunFeng especially in will improve many pockets, so the pilots to random meddling in the difficult many, better to avoid this kind of undesirable behavior. More, I also don't say much, anyhow this things is very culture thing! ! People also like! ! ! Upper body effect you also look out, absolutely gorgeous! ! Highlight the man nature! ! Don't say! And could not help but privately! Color: army green, black two sizes: small number out to the! How to buy
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