The mushroom head Velcro adhesive should pay attention to matters

by:BAILI     2020-11-11

1, mushroom head Velcro tension relief.

2, scraper dispensing of the slope.

3, the service is bound to the front side of ribbon distinguish stitched.

4, to prevent double influence character, formation of nonconformities.

5, prevent belt has a crease.

6, pay attention to the feed tank material have too much make up.

7, distinguish the color of the Velcro by the shallow and deep, the gluing process.

and rigorous coherence technology products, during the following changes, the use of Velcro is electronic high-tech industries, the hook and loop one coherent product was research and development plan, and a large number of production input application, dell, samsung, apple, lenovo and so on a large number of high-tech electronic products using hook and loop cable tie, all kinds of different product plan status constructed everywhere in electronic career.

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