The mushroom Velcro is different from general stickers

by:BAILI     2020-09-06
Mushroom hook and loop is different from general stickers, part of the hook is made of Polyester, very strong, and unique design of mushroom type so particularly strong tension. Fit special hook surface processing, excellent peel strength. Plasticizer resistant, resistant to moisture, uv resistance, solvent resistance, good tensile properties, repeatable closed, no intermediate prolapse, noise, vibration, etc. Mushroom head of hook and loop making loom is the raw material of nylon yarn through inkle loom, cause germ band shape and then by the high temperature dyeing equipment, the semi-finished products of germ band dyed all sorts of color. Viscosity cingulate suede germ band is to dye the color first, then through raising machine equipment germ band color suede brush up after curly, then through sizing. Fastening belt hook is will dye good hook surface sizing after finalize the design, then on the surface of the germ band of nylon monofilament through import cutting machines hook uniform to give the appropriate cutting off monofilament, it forms sticky germ band with a hook. Finally, the article imported article points the books give points to the required width of various specifications. To cut off the required length and volume after packing.
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