The mystery of the Velcro cable tie big explain what is the principle

by:BAILI     2020-10-29
Velcro cable tie small make up is not do more introduced, hook and loop cable tie is actually and Velcro a kinds of Velcro cable tie application is very extensive, like a motor line or in the house are processed with Velcro, and cables, external mouse line ah, etc. These are the use of Velcro bring complete, say so you know what is the principle of Velcro cable tie, you know? Why Velcro cable tie is not common cable tie, it and ordinary hook and loop with what's the difference, what is the principle of hook and loop cable tie, hook and loop cable tie small make up today for everyone to share. Sticky strap tie, also known as Velcro cable ties, Velcro cable tie, fastening cable tie belt, cable ties, cable tie, line belt, it with the ordinary with difference, ordinary cable tie, design check out function, only the more tight. And sticky strap with a sticky strap production principle, it is a kind of inside connection points male female two sides, one side the other side is small flexible fibre is a hard like xiaomao catch. Just stick together. Under certain pulling force, elastic hook is straight, glue and open it from the loop pile, then restore the original hook type, so the repeated opening and closing of up to ten thousand delivery, fastening belt is widely used in all kinds of goods are often open and close fit or position, but the traditional sticky strap can only adopt the sewing way of fixed on the product or object. Velcro cable tie is we all know that one of the most commonly used products, sitting on corners are able to meet with Velcro this good thing. Let's use of baby products, clothes, Du child, this not have Velcro, basically on Velcro in everyone's eyes, looks very not eyes, but with it, is very different, its effect and results in the industrial product plays a no substitute effect, other things is no way to replace the Velcro, looks really simple, just by MAO and hook face a combination of two substances, it is added to this, to form a tore a pull, two different objects can be glued together. The effect is really great. Velcro cable tie in with the rest of the product mix, if color is not consistent, forming one and not the same as comparison, it didn't become a whole, so the Velcro in the mix, with its own color allocate items of Velcro color must be consistent, so that talent, it seems, there is a kind of coordination. In fact, its dyeing is also very tough, want to go by many process talents into a kind of want to color. Dyer, therefore, the task is also very carefully, a bit not pay attention to, the color will form the inconsistencies, the photometric distortion, will form a big loss. Very common in our daily lives, typically used in mobile phone bags, pockets, two things will stick together. Velcro is by a Swiss engineer George DE - Max he le ( 1907 - — 1990). The invention. A hunting, he found that the needle tail grass on his clothes. He used a microscope and found the needle tail grass fruit has a hook structure, can stick to the fabric. He thought with a hook fixed hair surface. In fact already exist in the bird's feather this structure, the birds feather by scape and pinna. Pinna is made up of many slender barbs. Barb on both sides of the barbules and dense with rows of. One side of the barbules hook tu ( 钩) Which the nodules (on the other side. 循环) , make the barbules adjacent to each other and hook up, a strong and flexible pinna, fanned air and protect the body. Separated by external forces, barbules can borrow beak pecking comb and hook any knot. Birds peck often take tail oil glands secretion of oils and fats, comb in pecking feathers for a little while to daub, make the structure and function of pinnae intact.
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