The old man a made-up elastic stretching exercise took the prize

by:BAILI     2020-11-16

a banal wide-brimmed elastic, in the hands of a group of more than 50 years old turned to jump the setting-up exercise tool. Article 10 the color gorgeous elastic, along with the rhythm in the hands of the old man presents all sorts of modelling, graceful, not only can buck JianGu. 17, reporter to interview, first glimpse luoyuan original 'bones and muscles stretching exercise'. Inspired by the dance she create stretching exercise 17 afternoon, reporters came to luoyuan stadium. One of the bones and muscles stretching exercise BianPaiZhe Chen wen with 30 players training teacher, ready to attend the ninth province show the opening plenary session the elderly fitness activities. Chen wen is before retirement luoyuan county an ordinary teacher of physical education. In 2013, a retired soon Chen wen invited as the specific ribbon dance choreographed dance, she accidentally discovered by stretching ribbons can reach the effect of exercise, promote the blood circulation. If the ribbons for better elastic extension, wouldn't it be better? With the idea, with the luoyuan county old TiXie pi-fang Lin teacher Chen wen, began writing, choreography, bones and muscles stretching exercise. Chen wen said: 'the person is old, the physique is loose, need to exercise more. But the existing stretching exercise are arranged for the young, movement range and intensity is big, not suitable for the old man. After consulting a doctor, we use half a year time to compile this, including head, back and other sports, 12 knots. This exercise can help the old man strong gluten JianGu, does not cause injury, especially suitable for older people over 55. 'Test in the wheel then took the gold medal stretching exercise choreography, Chen Wencong choose in luoyuan county in each community township 16 players for teaching, for the first time and dance scene let her cry. 16 'this old man is a square dance, but because of the square dance too much, how all don't change the action habits. Clearly has a tensile strength is held by 16 old man, what do you think are like upgrade version of the square dance. Looking at the old people that 'charm' dance moves, I was so angry and funny. 'Chen wen recalled. After running in a few days, stretching exercise finally no longer like a square dance. Just meet, the city old TiXie solicitation to attend 'in 2014 the province elderly fitness innovation project always show activities'. Try holding the attitude, Chen wen to send video data to the city old TiXie, didn't think it is selected for fuzhou in communication. Although practiced effect is improved a lot, but Chen wen know to take part in the game is not enough. In order to show the best effect, Chen wen lead players are rehearsing day and night to work overtime. Everything comes to him who waits, independent of the physique with xiamen taijiquan stretching exercise, in the end, won the gold award outstanding innovation project. 'She nationality in luoyuan original songs' wu wu song accompaniment, players are perfectly shows the bones and muscles stretching exercise. The audience had never expected with elastic can fitness, 4 minutes performance time we won more than 10 times a big round of applause. 'Said Chen wen. The bones and muscles stretching exercise extended to the whole city won gold prize let the bones and muscles stretching exercise in luoyuan thoroughly fire. Many elderly fitness enthusiasts with a day behind Chen wen, ask when can learn with her. How the bones and muscles stretching operation to the county and the city and the country, luoyuan county old TiXie jin-shui Chen secretary-general has its own plan. On November 8th, 'we were invited to go to zhangzhou to participate in the ninth session of the province the elderly fitness display activities at the opening ceremony of the conference, November 20, also at a national old TiXie friendly in fuzhou city collaborate to perform at the meeting. The two performances will be opened in our city, the province and even the national promotion of bones and muscles stretching exercise. 'Jin-shui Chen told reporters, in preparation for the two performances, they withdraw from the county community action stations 30 backbone. Again in the future through this 30 literary backbone open free training classes, in the county urban and rural areas to promote the physique stretching exercise. After the jin-shui Chen said: 'we will let the provinces and cities of old TiXie experts to help us further arrangement of bones and muscles stretching exercise. Hope our luoyuan original 'wu wu song' can also like the small apple, with bones and muscles stretching exercise sing times fuzhou square size. '

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