The origin of curtain velcro_

by:BAILI     2021-04-15

The name of the curtain velcro is transformed from the English name '' of the American Rocklaw Company. The '' product entered my country in the early 1980s. Because there is no Chinese name, it is inconvenient to communicate. Because the main characteristic of '' is that one side of the hook-shaped fabric and the other side of the fluffy fabric are attached together to produce natural adhesion. Pulling with the hand will separate naturally, a bit like magic. Curtain .

Curtain is the superficial name of the button. It is a kind of connecting accessory commonly used on clothes. It is divided into male and female on both sides, one side is slender and soft fiber and the other side is harder like a small hairy thing. They are pasted together in one click. Under a certain pulling force, the elastic hook is straightened and opened by loosening the glue from the pile loop, and then recovers the original hook shape. Such repeated opening and closing can reach as many as 10,000. The hook and loop tape is widely used In the position where various items are frequently opened and closed or fastened, traditional hook and loop fasteners can only be fixed on products or objects by sewing methods.

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