The origin of the elastic

by:BAILI     2020-11-14

elastic initially available is not referred to as elastic, was first appeared in a 1812 production of hat factory, is called elastic round cap, use spring, steel wire production. Really invented elastic is chemist matson came in and inventor Hancock. In 1820 they invented in rubber experiment extracted accident, therefore, matson came in with the characteristics of the rubber, placed between two layers of fabric and invented the waterproof tape. That same year, Hancock got the initial elastic patents. Originally used for clothes, boots, rubber band, with glue. Beginning in 1876, elastic bands are widely used in lingerie, gradually when the elastic band is made of rubber. Over time, the elastic we used instead of shoulder straps, gloves, such as clothing, also has been appreciated and welcomed by the consumers, it is because the elastic is very practical, not like spring steel wire cut rags or long and verdigris.

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