The paper back adhesive cingulate application in high-tech field

by:BAILI     2020-09-18
As is known to all, the back adhesive belt is used to tighten a supplementary materials and laminating goods, at present as the development of clothing, soon, electronic products, bags, toys, and other industries, fastening belt has a very wide application, all this indicates that the fastening with the very let a person look good development prospect, and it is not urgent for fastening with the opening and closing are convenient, fastening effect is good, the characteristics of resilience, but also very environmental protection, the price also very cheap. With high skills development, use of science and technology is becoming more and more high, but the back adhesive belt also can well combine with each other, and have very good effect. This in addition to the back adhesive belt itself is the congenital condition, it is also growing, in the aspect of raw material and function has come a long way to break. Currently has a detachable sticky strap snap button, after efforts to study the final has been applied to the all-steel radial tire vulcanization production line. Detachable snap button can do energy saving cooling effect, very effective. First we learn about the use of stick with detachable strap snap button requirements: all-steel radial tire vulcanization production line equipment due to the technical requirements, cause mould, pipe, valve exposed for a long time, and its heat dissipation area is very big, makes the vulcanization field temperature rising, then there will be burnt, the signal is not safe, so saving energy and improve the production environment, it is very necessary. So, 50 vulcanizing machine to produce line pipe is very to be chosen carefully, choose with detachable snap button by the insulation of the heat preservation effect. Detachable snap button insulation sleeve is a kind of layer for the two layers of glass fiber needled felt with a layer of high temperature and centrifugal glass wool felt; Outer USES is resistant to 280 ℃ of silicone rubber coated with high temperature resistance of alkali-free glass fiber cloth, fastening devices using flame retardant viscose cingulate, prevent the burns well, so that the principle of heat preservation for: blocking the hot air and cold air convection, prevent the influence of heat conduction and thermal radiation, can be repeated apart is its biggest strength is applied, and the number of repeated use of up to 1000 times, so that we can make the construction more convenient, to install convenient also very rare, not only safe environmental protection, and reached the small effect to human body. After insulation improvement of 50 vulcanizing machine, after careful calculation, each vulcanizing machine daily can save steam 0. 56 tons, the total saving steam 28 tons, energy-saving effect is very significant. Thus it is not hard to see, the back adhesive belt use industry is more and more diversity, even gradually incline to skilled, and has been applied science and technology is varied, contains also not low technical content, such as the fastening belt snap button, using above flame retardant hook and loop. So back adhesive cingulate career needs not only continues to develop, need more convenient skills progress.
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