The parameters of the judge back glue Velcro? What are those?

by:BAILI     2020-10-15
For the back glue Velcro parameters have? We do the following in detail. 1. Back glue Velcro color. Generally divided into black and white and color. Normally price of black and white, same color than black Bai Segui. 2. The back glue Velcro width specifications. The standard width of a 10 mm, 12. 5毫米,16毫米,20毫米,25毫米,30毫米,40毫米,50 mm, 60毫米,80毫米,100毫米,110毫米,130毫米,150毫米。 Other width need to customize. 3. The back glue Velcro length. Standard length of 25 meters, types include double hook Velcro, back glue Velcro, surface parts Velcro, do not grab the magic stick, soft fine Velcro hook Velcro, flame retardant, high frequency Velcro and tore don't crack the hook and loop and so on. Shoot length for 50 yards. Wool surface elastic hook and loop length of 20 yards. 4. The material. Velcro generally divided into three kinds of polyester, blended and nylon. Back glue Velcro on the general classification of Velcro material divided into ordinary glue, the glue and 3 m glue three. Injection is the domestic special nylon and two kinds of imported special nylon. Other articles about the other material that see website. 5. Stripping. Different number of stripping process. In more than 2000 times, for example the company number of stripping can also custom 5000 + stripping the number of military Velcro. 6. The back glue Velcro heat resistance. The company's products different heat resistance. The company: heat resistance softening point 180 degrees, melting contact 215 degrees 7. Cold tolerance. The company's products different cold tolerance. The company heat resistance: 35 degrees below zero, the lower the temperature buckle together. The back glue Velcro because back glue cause cold resistance is not high, but can be customized to cold performance good back glue, can be up to 20 degrees below zero. 8. Back glue Velcro pull force. The company's products from pulling force is different. The company's products are tensile test value of 0. 75 kg/m / 10 square meters.
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