The performance of the ribbon LOGO process

by:BAILI     2020-11-16

screen printing hang rope is the most traditional production ribbon LOGO process, the most common form of screen printing hang rope LOGO is printing ink by screen printing on the surface of ribbon. Printed LOGO texture clear, stereo sense is strong, high resolution, good adhesion. Screen printing ink is the feature of firmly adsorbed on the surface of the ribbon, not to infiltrate ribbon. Not only can screen printing monochrome printing, also can undertake gradient printing multicolor tinted or branch. The more of the color printing cost is higher. The most common silk screen size is the most popular at home and abroad hang line width is 2. 0 cm wide, and some like small point can use 1. The size of the 5 cm wide. Due to subject to the restrictions of screen printing process, logo printing can't print full edge, ribbon on both sides are required to have the 2 mm gap, the width of the logo printing is smaller than the width of the ribbon. Commonly used ribbon circumference is 90 cm long, Ribbon is folded in half after 45 cm long) 。 Use silk screen usually hang rope can be divided into the mobile phone lanyard, U disk lanyard, MP3 lanyard, job hanging rope, hang rope, the exhibition certificate card sling, brand name badges hang rope, hang rope passes, visit visit hang rope, etc. Screen printing content can be a company name, website, main contact information, product brands, propaganda signs, slogans, can also be a sporting events, concerts, commercial activities, such as the name of the party LOGO. Polyester is the most general hang rope ribbon part of one of the most popular material, both here and abroad at present, the market more than 90% of the hanging rope ribbon part use polyester material. Ribbon material except for polyester and nylon, cotton, recycled PET or bamboo fiber material, etc.

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