The precise use method and benefits of Velcro_

by:BAILI     2021-04-13

Velcro is used as a consumable in our daily livelihood. In fact, because the frequency of use is higher, the hook and loop hangs down and presents an environment that is not easy to use, or even an environment that is directly unavailable. Assuming that Velcro can be applied accurately, in fact, its life span can still be very long. Then, let's understand in detail how to accurately use the intermittent hook and loop?

To accurately apply the Velcro, you must learn to close the Velcro reasonably. The method of closing is from top to bottom. If you close it, there will be less movement, and it will be easier to close, extending the use of life. In addition, when using the new type of Velcro, you must pay attention to the hook and loop before washing, to prevent the Velcro from taking effect. Like many users, turning off the wash frequently will simply constitute a shortened life span of the Velcro. Finally, pay attention to the detergents used for washing must avoid the more corrosive ones to prevent serious adverse effects on the Velcro and extend its life span. In many cloth shoes, you can often see the figure of the adhesive Velcro strap, because of its existence, the cloth shoes have become beautiful and applicable. Adhesive Velcro is used abnormally and widely, and all aspects of livelihood are inseparable from it, such as backpacks, mobile phone cases, clothing, etc. Compared with buttons and pins, adhesive Velcro has the following three benefits.

First, it can stick to the outside of livelihood supplies. Velcro can be used to resist sticky general products. As long as it is stuck, it takes a lot of effort to pull it out. It not only serves to connect the infection, but also to decorate the product. The second is convenience. Adhesive stickers for tricks are unusual and convenient to carry and use. In many accidental situations, once necessary, Velcro can help you stick it, and it will take effect in one second. The third is protection. Compared to the button product, the Velcro is unusually soft, and it can cushion the process of friction and bumping, and can remove most of the strength and act as a protective film.

Over the years, has become very popular as more and more people are trying it out.
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