The presidential election to vote today people in the United States: completely don't know who to believe

by:BAILI     2020-10-20
The presidential election to vote today people in the United States: don't know who to believe, The original title: 【 The United States today held a presidential election ballot 】 People: we don't know who to believe! ) Today ( 8) Is the U. S. presidential election polling day. And institutions such as the United States fox news (Reuters) - the latest opinion poll, according to the current us democratic candidate Hillary Clinton's approval rating is the republican candidate francois mitterand corporation is a 4 to 5%, advantage is not obvious. In order to woo voters more at the last moment, 7, Hillary Clinton and continues to trump a speech in the United States, respectively. However, many American voters, say they are not satisfied, the two candidates will not trust any one of them. Some voters said that even under difficult choices, they will give up to vote. Voters in Ohio: a general election is terrible, we don't know the fate of the future. The views of some radical trump, even very crazy, and Hillary Clinton have 'email'. We don't know who to believe. For the presidential election, everyone around me said don't know what to believe which candidate. Voters in Philadelphia: in a sense, is a trump bullying people, because he is very rich, just want to tell you. If he is elected President, will continue to be so, I think Hillary Clinton is the same. So I said before, I won't vote for either of them. New York voters: everybody heard of all that come from both sides campaign, these when you are in the campaign to make all sorts of promises, but then they don't have a below. Don't believe it, let's wait and see.
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