The problem for the traditional textile industry real Internet + transformation

by:BAILI     2020-10-19
China's textile fabrics industry has more than 3. Capacity of 8 trillion, is one of the important pillar of national economy in China, is also the important textile market in the world. In the face of the 'world factory' southeast Asia under the strong shock and the dual challenge of Internet + transformation, China's textile industry how to deal with? According to the economic times of India said on May 10, after considering several other Indian states, foxconn in maharashtra bought 1200 hectares of land, will invest $10 billion to build the new factory for the production of the iPhone. This will is the symbol of the mobile phone manufacturing big events, is likely to mean that China's manufacturing cost advantage gradually lose! And in the textile industry, the trend is very obvious. Similarly, garment industry transfer orders in southeast Asia. Uniqlo's parent company, fast retailing group plans from low-priced apparel brand G. U。 Begun to Bangladesh, Indonesia, factory OEM orders. Fast retailing group, the product was about 85% are made in China, but with China's labor costs continue to rise, now decided to outside China 20% ~ 30% of the production rate increased to 50%. Muji plan three years after the cooperation factory in China from 229 to 86, the Chinese procurement ratio from 60% reduced by half. Castle peak business after Vietnam, Burma, Cambodia, also commissioned production will start in Indonesia, southeast Asia factory mainly undertake the sewing process, the fabric still buy from Italy and China. China's textile industry advantage in being eroded in southeast Asia, domestic textile enterprises are facing a severe test. Southeast Asia gradually replace China, as a new manufacturing 'world factory', according to the data found in the first half of 2015, under the condition of a sharp fall in the China import and export, the eu from India, Bangladesh, Pakistan, Vietnam and Indonesia import growth in 29. 6% ~ 53. The room of 4%; The United States from Vietnam, Indonesia, Bangladesh, Cambodia, import growth is between 18% ~ 29%; Japan imported from Vietnam, Indonesia, Thailand growth between 23% ~ 49%. Visible, southeast Asia has gradually replace China, as a new manufacturing 'world factory'. According to one of the big four accounting firm deloitte, 2005 years ago, China's manufacturing labor costs even lower than India. But by 2015, China's cost is about two times of India. In recent years, with the rapid development of China's economy, we used to rely on the population and labor advantages has ceased to exist, labor costs compared to the end of last century had the very big promotion, so in order to reduce costs, many factories are out of China, in southeast Asia to explore new Labour market. 'A T-shirt we sell six or seven yuan, southeast Asian production as long as 2 yuan, spell out of price, quality, we put the main target customers in European visitors. 'The fair foshan sheng qi clothing company's exhibition director said. Society, can be seen, the advantage of Chinese textile industry has ceased to exist, and southeast Asian countries use was once proud of our cheap Labour impact the position of the textile industry in China. , as a big country is far away from the economy of India and China, soon in the future, India's population is likely to catch up with China, to become the world's most populous nation, but India's wage level is not high, so the same occupation, labor costs are much lower than that in China.
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