The quality of life they prefer back glue Velcro

by:BAILI     2020-10-25
Back glue Velcro has changed our life, there are a lot of places we all need to use them, many people will ask, what is the back glue Velcro? It and we usually use the function of the tie is similar, but different from the tie is that it can be repeatedly used, and tie in the bound object is a one time, there was no way to open it bundles on the object, sometimes their own wrong, will have to cut them, this creates a waste of resources, on binding when I just around a circle, and then to own face and hair surface joint can be tied together, in no time you can less effort to separate the two sides of it, very convenient, this is the key findings of our times, we all need to use them in many field. Nylon material back glue hook and loop bound fast, good insulation, easy to use, low prices, stable quality, suitable for a large number of procurement and stamping all kinds of shapes and colors, can according to customer's requirements. Nylon back glue Velcro is a common Velcro tape, tear open outfit is convenient, usually used in electronics, wire and cable, stationery, supplies, and other industries of nylon tape. Back adhesive nylon back glue Velcro strap can also be called bind belt, belt, etc. , it is made of nylon material injection molding, fire rating v - 94 2 Velcro with acid, corrosion resistance, insulation and so on are all very good, but the stick is not easy to aging, have very strong bear ability. Working temperature can be between 20 degrees to 80 degrees Celsius. Velcro Velcro can also be applied to the mechanical equipment, pipeline and cable on board. Nylon back glue Velcro, molding process and material is very exquisite, usually the production of Velcro is qualified. Nylon back glue Velcro on the back of the coated with a layer of special high temperature since the glue water, make the products only in the sticky substance use bonding strength can unlock the type from the back of the paper, on the buckles can be pasted on the objects of all types of smooth and clean. Now the electronics industry, so the product of back-to-back fastening belt production and sale are in bulk, most of them are batch when customer order, if your product quality is very good, they will come after the purchase to buy a second, so now the businessmen want to make their products sell better, will be developed products have their own characteristics, so that can attract the attention of others, when we go out at ordinary times is with the product, in our suitcases, total want to put a lot of goods, these goods if you don't tidy up them will not be able to plug into, and inside is very easy, can help you with fastening belt, first when you need the product to bind objects around in a circle, and then paste together, so that it can reduce the volume of a single object, so that put more want to put your luggage. More and more of our home appliances like we use cable, computer and TV line these if processes is not good is very uncomfortable, very affect our beautiful home, and some line is too long, walk not be careful will be tripped, that is a very dangerous thing, so they are packed is very important, we can use the fastening belt, back-to-back thrum manage well first, and then tied with it, very beautiful, and you want to take out time is also very easy.
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