The seventieth anniversary of the founding of new China

by:BAILI     2020-11-13
Warmly celebrate the 70th anniversary of the founding of the People's Republic of China! From 1949 to 2019, this 70 - year earth-shaking new changes in the People's Republic of China, the motherland prosperous and strong depends on generations has lofty aspirations of a great man, leave the countless revolutionary martyrs, more cannot leave each effort and sweat for the founding of the people of the Chinese people! Memory of martyrs, don't forget the beginner's mind, serve the motherland is every Chinese people should have good quality. Era we are lucky, live in a rich, peace and good s, so we should know how to cherish, grateful, know we shoulder the historical responsibility and historical mission. So, to set up a strong and prosperous China, what made contribution for our country's heroes? First of all, we are familiar comrade huang jiguang, born in 1931 in zhongjiang county, sichuan province, the Chinese people's volunteers 45th division 135 regiment 9 correspondent. On October 20, 1952 in the north as well in 597. 9 the highlands sacrifice, only 21 years old. By the Chinese people's volunteers progress TeDengGong leadership authority, and awarded the title of 'super hero'. Second, comrade Qiu Shaoyun is our role model, November 11, 1952, the company in north Korea kang ping Qiu Shaoyun is the front counter for assault in 391 highland combat mission, and in a dormant from enemy 60 meters at night at the foot of the mountain, in order not to expose forces of the whole plan of action, he stand fire to burn the body pain, with his own life in exchange for the fighting of victory. The hero's name is forever engraved on 391 highland eons of time left on the walls of the main peak! Our hero number of combat, they shed their blood for the state, without their selfless dedication, there is no new China today. In the construction of China, there are also unknown, to scientists, who among them? Mr Qian xuesen, the world famous scientists, aerodynamics, founder of China's manned spaceflight, China academy of sciences and Chinese Academy of Engineering, China atomic medal winners. He is known as the 'father of China's space, the father of Chinese missiles', 'the father of the Chinese automation control' and 'king of rockets', because of qian xuesen to return, China's missile and the launch of the atomic bomb forward for at least 20 years! In fact, the two fathers, To make outstanding contributions to the research of nuclear, missile) Not only Mr Qian and deng jiaxian, Qian Sanqiang, research digest, sun jiadong, each one of them deserves our respect and praise, their glorious deeds and contributions to breathtaking! Both satellite business in China and China's space technology, they are all fruits. So, at this stage, and what are the outstanding contribution figure? Here, have to ask Mr Yuan longping, the father of hybrid rice in the world is also a republic of medal winners. I want to give Mr Yuan longping crown countless honors, is enough to show his contribution to China's, and even the contribution to the world. Mr Yuan longping is a pioneer and leader in the field of hybrid rice research, is committed to the research and application of hybrid rice technology and popularization, invented the 'three-line method' of indica hybrid rice, successfully developed the 'two-line hybrid rice', to create a system of super hybrid rice technology. All this outstanding contribution is only part of his achievements, he is a selfless dedication, for my country's great scientists. Mention nine years to build the hong kong-zhuhai-macao bridge, from the bottom of each Chinese sends out a full of pride! Hong kong-zhuhai-macao bridge is a linking Hong Kong and guangdong in China zhuhai and macau bridge sui project, located in the guangdong pearl river mouth LingDingYang area, south ring section on loop freeway in the pearl river delta area. Hong kong-zhuhai-macao bridge because of its large construction scale, unprecedented construction difficulty and the construction of the top technology and world famous; Bridge is a total project designer fan-chao meng, the chief engineer is Su Quan division, island is general manager, chief engineer Lin Ming tunnel project. These are also for those who built the bridge the effort is worth we admire, but I believe that more of the motherland strong accomplished them, also made the world famous hong kong-zhuhai-macao bridge! Is the seventieth anniversary of the founding of new China, celebrate the history of the moment! I believe that in the distinguished predecessors and excellent junior common struggle, the motherland will be more prosperous, to create more miracles!
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