The shape of the back glue Velcro characteristic and functional purposes

by:BAILI     2020-09-18
Circular back glue Velcro versatility, easy to use, often supply home supplies, general round within 8 mm to 100 mm diameter, customers can also determine the diameter size and shape can also be customized, various shapes can be chic, round the back glue back glue Velcro used super sticky glue, glue paste on the surface, can penetrate into the surface, resulting in a strong adhesion, make more solid glue, back glue hook and loop can be fixed for remote control of home decoration, poster and stringy, paste, fixed toys, car phone fixed, organization, etc. Back glue Velcro can also be in accordance with the conditions put forward by the customer, combined with the actual processing modified into customers want style and color, both with satisfactory results. The most important thing is, he can fast delivery, quality guaranteed, price is low, can be called a bargain. Back glue back glue Velcro model is also much more special, have a strong environmental protection glue, sticky glue, low resistance, high temperature glue, metal rubber and so on. Back glue Velcro surface neat, color can be according to customer needs, glue, thick viscous force is strong, durable, also can increase the paper heart, cover paper, etc. - Velcro - Velcro - shenzhen gum hook and loop
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