The surface roughness affect the Velcro strap bonding strength

by:BAILI     2020-09-27
Rough surface will affect the strength of the adhesive Velcro strap is generally the reason of Velcro adhesive strength has two kinds, one kind is the effect of surface treatment, is a kind of surface roughness. Bonding surface treatment before is a key to the success of adhesive, its purpose is to achieve robust durable joint. Because the sticky material existence oxidation layer, see plating layer, phosphating, release agent, etc the weakening of session layer, glued surface treatment will affect the bonding strength. Polyethylene surface can be used, for example, hot see acid oxidation treatment and improve the bonding strength, heated to 70 - 1-80 ℃ during processing 5 minutes, you will get excellent bonding surface, Velcro, Velcro, in both cases will directly cause the Velcro bonding strength are affected. This method is suitable for polyethylene plate and thick wall tube, etc. Such as on the temperature, the film surface treatment, plasma or micro flame treatment. Well as adhesive and glued material surface, the surface roughness is beneficial to advance adhesive liquid on the degree of moist surface, increase the points of contact adhesive and glued material density, Velcro wholesale factory. Then is advantageous to the bonding strength. On the contrary, the single building glue to be sticky materials moist, surface roughness of does not favor the advance of the bonding strength. Strong back glue Velcro strap is mainly by the ordinary nylon Velcro after high temperature hot machining, and then the top 7096 in the melt viscosity rubber block even slaughtering hook and loop back, after the glue on the reverse of the curing, with a layer of oil from type paper on fully formed we usually see strong back glue hook and loop. Therefore, the back glue Velcro strap is the most suitable choice conditions.
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