The textile industry in 2015 will continue to shuffle

by:BAILI     2020-11-13

throughout the week, hebei shangdong and henan province the overall development of the textile market is mixed, yarn market increasingly active xi is difficult to hide the cotton market. Raw materials: as we have learned, hebei cangzhou in places such as inland cotton sales sales status, the downstream demand is limited, under the pressure of sales and inventory, the vast majority of type 400 cotton ginning mill has shut down, only a few several type 200 small factory to maintain processing, lead to all buyers and sellers seem to be entered into a dormant state. Chinese cotton price 12800-3128 level 13000 yuan/ton, cangzhou mainland libraries of xinjiang hand picking cotton price level 3128-13600 Quality and price 13800 yuan/ton, price, buyers tend to be more XinJiangMian use; But still want to achieve the desired sales. The viscose staple market now is very active, some manufacturers have put the price increase, prices vary mid-range price in 11300 - 11700 yuan/ton, high-end has reported 12000 yuan/ton. Yarn: yarn market more active this week, cotton yarn delivery is a little good JC50S recently, JC60S compact spinning, relatively low sales of cotton yarn is not ideal, especially low a gauze is affected by import yarn, shipment has been slower, imported constantly in improving the quality of yarn, weaving factory and can withstand the price, so the import yarn C21S varieties such as the current volume has been good. Right now, thanks to downstream twill, drive the terylene yarn sales have been relatively stable, the price also is relatively stable, orders are in in an orderly way; But because polyester staple fiber prices continued downward, downstream follow-up list and willingness to offer discounts for new orders, both the seller and the buyer should pass back and forth a few bargaining to reach an agreement, it also suggests that the terylene yarn profits is too low, everyone wants to can close after their costs can get more profits. At present, although into the busy season, the market can't heat up, increase in FangQi difficult also, inventory days rise, raw material reserves in reducing gradually, the tension turnover slow, etc. , this is the most real difficult FangQi eyes. Industry analysis, the textile industry in 2015 will continue to shuffle, so to be able to hold out until the last is short of victory.

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