The three main purposes of back glue Velcro is outlined

by:BAILI     2020-10-01
The image of the back glue Velcro is too often are used on clothes buttons, the effect of the type of shoe LACES. It also used in many of the local. Here, let small make up a brief says the strange use hook and loop? The back glue Velcro also known as adhesive, is one of the many local used in daily life a cohesive materials, it has two sides ab, has good bonding effect, has been widely used. We can often see on clothes placket or sleeve loops this stuff. Made a lot of Velcro products often have with right and wrong. 1, the back glue Velcro cable ties we often see a useful, home computer such as reticle of line or to be able to use hook and loop cable ties tied up and have a good function. It USES a lot of, can be used to bind wires, computer peripheral wire, cable, computer peripheral products, medical devices, and so on. 2, back glue Velcro cable tie it is made with a special glue, adhesive force is very strong, can very good glue on all kinds of lubrication clean objects. Using it can be very good so we hole in the clothes, etc. Another is to use on the hair, such can save roll of hair shelves after trouble thing. A tick one Velcro MAO can bring using 3 very well as a firm, used for baby diapers back glue Velcro actually, a lot of baby diapers have hook and loop oh but the Velcro is specialized for baby diapers, about a lot of baby's mom and dad have touch, due to the baby's skin is more delicate and sensitive, and therefore needs perfect carefully to caress, reason for baby diapers dedicated hook and loop has a special local, it than the general Velcro quality of a material soft, and flat hook surface. Then can be more effective maintenance baby young skin. Velcro and countless products in production, development. To sum up, the hook and loop is a tool for bring convenience to people.
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