The three major characteristics of the back glue Velcro

by:BAILI     2020-10-12
Bring back glue Velcro you may have some confusion, don't know what back glue Velcro? What is the role? But a fastening belt, you will know what is. Fastening belt is a common connection accessories, can be divided into two sides, one side is relatively soft hair side of one side is a barbed thorns. As a kind of connection accessories, fastening belt are widely used in daily life, such as clothes, shoes, hats, umbrellas, cushion, medical appliance, etc. , viscous force strong. And back glue Velcro also very frequently in our daily life can be seen, it can be seen in many corners of the shadow, because it has a good performance, but in the life has very strong practicability, and the price is cheap, it usually has three kinds of classification. Back glue hook and loop is widely used in daily life, different materials can be made into different products, first take a look at its classification, high temperature resistant back glue Velcro, ordinary back glue Velcro, 3 m glue hook and loop back. First: high temperature resistant adhesive hook and loop back, just as its name implies is to prevent the Velcro of high temperature, under the environment of high temperature glue will not be melt. The back glue because of the high melting point comparison, its adhesion is also big, the whole back glue Velcro hold strong will is very obvious. Second: ordinary glue Velcro back, the back glue product Velcro is made under the condition of the general of hot melt glue Velcro, that is, the commonly used under low temperature condition, or is in the winter can also be used, general judgment standard of this kind of Velcro is sticky and a strong, ordinary back glue Velcro is not particularly good. One is the material, material commonly used ordinary polyester fiber, the other is the glue that is generally the hot melt glue, viscosity is not very good. Third: 3 m glue Velcro back, 3 m glue Velcro back relative to the ordinary back glue Velcro viscous force strong, sustained sustainable 3 - viscosity 5 years unabated, resistant to high and low temperature at the same time, with a strong cohesion. This is commonly used in professional production, is also in accordance with the relevant specifications, will be formed after the special production of products. This product is suitable for all can use in any season, and viscosity and its are very good.
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