The use of different material back glue Velcro difference and use

by:BAILI     2020-09-16
The use of different material back glue Velcro difference and USES brought back glue Velcro may we will have some confusion, but mention fastening belt, everyone will know what is. Fastening belt is a common connection accessories, can be divided into two sides, one side is relatively soft hair side of one side is a barbed thorns. As a kind of connection accessories, fastening belt are widely used in daily life, such as clothes, shoes, hats, umbrellas, cushion, medical appliance, etc. , viscous force strong. Back glue hook and loop is widely used in daily life, different materials can be made into different products, back glue Velcro is divided into five kinds of material: 1, nylon material. Nylon is very soft, very green, commonly used in clothing. 2, polyester material. Place of easy burning, rough, 3, polyester blended with nylon material. Combined with their own advantages, soft and not easy to burn, durable. 4 A grade, nylon material. Very soft, used as a close-fitting clothing, can also be used in infants, won't cause skin damage. 5, don't catch hair material. The back glue Velcro only obscured, hooks used with nylon grade A, commonly used as underclothes. Back glue Velcro is different because the materials, the use and characteristic is different also, consumer can need according to oneself choose suitable back glue Velcro.
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