The use of glue Velcro and its broad back

by:BAILI     2020-10-02
Viscosity cingulate ( Back glue Velcro) Easy to use, ageing resistance, corrosion resistance and resilience feature in our days in use, for example, clothes, shoes, handbags, curtains, gear and so on items that can see, fastening belt has so many USES, it can have what effect? 1, adhesive, fixed, the effect of the back glue Velcro not only force is strong, the use of the open and close and long service life, so used to replace the buttons, zippers, fastening brought to objects in glue, fixed. 2, have the effect of environmental protection, maintenance, back glue hook and loop through special processing, flame retardant, high temperature resistant, texture soft, no stimulation, such as characteristics, not only reached as the basic glue that fixed also can maintain the skin, no pollution to the environment. The effect of 3, with beautiful, decoration, back glue Velcro color is rich, through different process modelling beautiful generous. With sticky strap made of hair, hair hoop, not only appearance is very beautiful, special and hook into a thin, short hair down from the beginning. Fastening belt from early creation to the present, has been loved by the people. Follow, fastening belt are functional, practical also more and more strong, such as medicine, aviation category fastening belt also has no significant effect. Trust in the technology innovation strength, backed by the fastening belt will bring more efficiency and benefit to our day. So with hook and loop is becoming more and more developed, and the companion walks in our day, also supply with the fast and points out that many of our student said!
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