The use of glue Velcro cable tie back what to notice?

by:BAILI     2020-09-14
The use of glue hook and loop cable tie back what to notice? A lot of people for the understanding of the gum magic tie is all stay on its industrial use, actually otherwise, for various industries are widely used at present stage back glue Velcro cable tie is not only used in industrial production. In our daily life is also very common. But as a wide range of USES, use frequency is higher back glue Velcro, tend to be easily damaged. Then we will back the use of glue Velcro cable tie considerations make detailed introduction: first, the tear for Velcro, must pay attention to the open from top to bottom, instead of left and right of the tear. Otherwise will lead to Velcro broke with Velcro. Many users will this due to the quality of your goods, but it is not, this is due to the improper use of magic damage and its failure. Second, hook and loop, with powerful pull open design must brace for collapse, so won't appear in the process of movement Velcro slides open situation, to protect the personal safety. Third, if back glue hook and loop cable tie under the condition of slight viscosity is not enough, must learn to properly handle, flocculant clean hair, etc. , generally can be used easily again.
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