The use of textile back tape kitchen 3 tips

by:BAILI     2020-11-11
Textile back tape transformed the kitchen 3 tips be creative in the kitchen is a good thing, but sometimes, in the face of scribbled in recipes, everywhere disorderly put spice bottles, it is easy to lose, is also very upset how to avoid the appetizer and everywhere? This time, we again and textile company cooperation, hand in hand to transform your kitchen. Material: Hack Your Kitchen - Textile brand industrial tape - back Textile industry buckles - brand Koala the stents or tablet package - Spice bottles - Tray - Baking bowl or appetizer dishes 1. The stent Hack your Kitchen you can use the hard shell or Koala bracket to make the small display shelf. If you use the Koala bracket and connection device, cut to appropriate size textile back tape, please. Firmly stick on the wall. Hack your kitchen we suggested usage application, to make sure your device level. Hack your kitchen use textile buckles is best choice, because if you want to place it in the other place in the home, you just need to stick to back the tape of 'light'. 2. Pre-dinner snack antiskid tray for virtuous good hostess, this kind of tray is necessary article. Around the bowl is chaotic, is not like a space space differentiate as neat as snacks and appetizers. Just stick textile soft side of the back tape in baking bowl or the bottom of the bowl, then smooth stick on the pallet can! ( We use the tray and the bowl. ) 3. Spice rack has no space to place spice rack? Also not sure whether your walls can bear the weight of the spice rack? Textile back tape eliminate the trouble for you! In order to ensure that the appearance of coordinated with the integral aesthetic taste of the kitchen, please choose simple and agile line of symmetry. We use two textile back tape to fix the bracket on the side. Will be back on the other side of the adhesive tape stick to spice bottles, hang it! You're done! Using textile brand buckles keep your kitchen clean, neat, orderly three tips. Transformation is happy! Please note: it is not recommended more than 48 degrees Celsius in the temperature of the renovation project.
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