The use of the back glue Velcro and matters needing attention

by:BAILI     2020-10-10
Back glue Velcro is also called back glue Velcro, is a kind of double product, one side for the fabric, the other side make hooks for special data first is used for Posting. Because it is all too common in our life true, back glue Velcro use is very wide, can say no or lack of vital products in our life. A, daily provisions, for example back glue can be used for leisure clothing, sports shoes and hats, gloves, bags, all kinds of wire, window hang cloth, sofa, cloth pads, baby diapers, children's toys and so on. Second, outdoor supplies, such as: poncho, curtains, sleeping bag, charger, motor vehicle knee pads, helmets, sports and so on glue Velcro is also useful to the back. Third, the special category, for example underground exploration gear, medical equipment, aerospace equipment, military supplies, and so on back glue Velcro is very good play its role. Back glue Velcro useless to say, is so popular, that's because the back glue Velcro not only convenient to use, and the capital is very low, after processing, the product has good insulation, learns easily, acid resistance, corrosion resistance, not easy ageing. Believe that followed, back glue hook and loop in the near future can bring more surprise to us. In the crucial moment if back adhesive and the Velcro is not how to do. First we need to understand the back glue Velcro non-stick, generally no more than is material is not good enough, use the right way, use the back glue Velcro accept overweight goods, back glue Velcro without regular packing and so on. Back glue Velcro non-stick there are generally two kinds of situation, it is a hard plastic back glue hook and loop hook surface stick too much debris, can use sharp objects such as toothpicks would clutter picked out. Second, the back glue Velcro soft surface drop off, crashing sticky hairs fall, it will be modified, method is very short, can not find clothes maybe don't have to be useful to other back glue Velcro material, cut down, and in line with the awl perhaps strong qualitative seam on the shoes. Also can be pressed in hand will glue Mao Yong method of rubbing hard, stick back and forth across time pressure, true not line is used to change the back glue Velcro. Textile technology precipitation is a all the decade back glue back glue Velcro manufacturer, production of the back glue hook and loop quality is very good, the yield close to hundred. We design a day, two days out of the sample, welcome to inquire for more information.
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