The use of Velcro maintenance method of use

by:BAILI     2020-09-20
1, in the process of using fastening belt, we should slow the strength to rip it, on the other hand too hard, go down for a long time will affect its performance tartar side, serious can cause wool, two sides can't glue. 2, don't use sticky strap to the bear too heavy objects, because this kind of situation does not guarantee its adhesive ability can not only meet the requirements, and even there may be some potential safety hazard. 3, tartar surface by the viscous force is very strong, easy to stick dirty things, such as some of the hair bulb, we need time to clean up, don't cry because it is a lazy and cause the glue properly. Fastening belt despite so many advantages, but because of its often used for bonding, tear, time is long hard to avoid loss, when the damage of the tartar or suede in the large area, in order to ensure the normal use of objects, we will still need to fastening belt are put on the new, it can continue to serve us. - hook and loop manufacturer - Snap button - Fastening belt supplier
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