The use of Velcro on baby open-backed pants

by:BAILI     2020-10-08
Creating background: currently, avoid common choose baby wet your pants are in open-backed pants use diapers, paper diapers or urine BuDou, etc. However, in the cold winter, the bitter north wind will directly from diapers, paper diapers or urine BuDou space filled with open-backed pants body, simple provoked an infant discomfort or catch cold. Healthy growth is a top priority of the infant, therefore, portray a does not affect the use of diapers, paper diapers or urine BuDou, and can avoid the north wind in the winter from the crotch irrigation of the human body has a supporter below infant open-backed pants is necessary. Plan: the infant open-backed pants crotch and lantern shape supporter below its use hook and loop buckle cohesion, and the lanterns shape supporter below to crotch setting continuity is easy to tear off the stickers. Product advantage: book to livelihoods apparel human creation, it is important in every family - — Infants and young children wear the open-backed pants pocket diapers cold in the winter to keep warm. Wearing diapers, when used in the crotch lantern shape supporter below after Velcro and open-backed pants close cohesion, can be useful to avoid the chilly north wind from the crotch irrigation infant body; Replace the diapers, also need to hand off the hook and loop can easily remove the supporter below. Children are the hope of the future, the textile has been paid close attention to the healthy growth of children. Textile hook and loop green health, do not contain harmful substances, accord with the baby to use. More details welcome to inquire: 15920637637 / Liang Sheng.
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