The using range of nylon back glue Velcro cable tie

by:BAILI     2020-10-17
Cable tie is one of the nylon material, nylon itself high softening point, good heat resistance, toughness, have higher tensile, compressive strength, non-toxic, odourless, corrosion resistance characteristics. So why durable nylon cable tie? And often popular among people? With small make up to discuss together! Nylon back glue Velcro cable tie also known as: cable tie, tie wire, binding wire, cable. Nylon cable tie, just as its name implies is to pack the lace, commonly used to bundle wire, cable, the internal connection wire such as computer, lighting, electrical, electronic toys and other products within the lines fixed, mechanical equipment of oil pipe fixed, fixed cable line on ships. , bicycle vehicle packaging or bundling other objects. As the improvement of living standards, advanced applications increasingly wide range of mass production, nylon back glue Velcro cable tie involves almost all application fields. Durable nylon cable tie for the following reasons: 1, nylon back glue hook and loop cable tie the UL approved nylon - 66 ( 尼龙66) 94 v - material injection molding, fire rating 2, good acid, corrosion, insulation, not easy ageing, for strength. 2, nylon back glue Velcro cable tie itself has high tensile resistance, impact resistance, strong acid and alkali resistant function, used in the industry, nylon itself also has the certain fire rating can reach 94 v2. 3, nylon itself non-toxic, odourless, compared with the ordinary PVC material is not easy to weathering or rot. In accordance with the eu environmental protection standard. Nylon cable tie back glue Velcro are commonly used to do, and bind. Widely used for Christmas gift factory, electronics factory, wire processing plant, wire and cable, toys, festival festival, stationery, department stores, fresh supermarkets, residential daily, electrical appliances, connectors and other items. Now you understand why durable nylon cable tie? Why is popular with people!
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