The Velcro on the shoes don't stick?

by:BAILI     2020-11-09

in the career of the use of rich and colorful, but we still need to control a certain skill, also, be aware to stop protecting, using moment don't pull hard, such not only use they double well acquainted, and can extend its using life.

today hook and loop once and let's focus on each other, we used in daily necessities, clothing, shoes, bed nets, cases, bags, sofa cushion and so on things without hook and loop USES each kind of Velcro products is not delimit understand the use of scale, but we are not able to use casually, only use your hook and loop at the right place to perhaps the real performance: is it convenient to use, economic and durable, environmental protection regards the upper hand.

there are often seen on the Internet: new armies of girls in taobao bought a pair of beautiful shoes, for a while, the hook and loop not sticky, return very trouble again, the postage is repentant even itself out. Armies of men for love brand of basketball shoes, bought a pair of itself above the Velcro it didn't take long for non-stick, I ran everywhere and become at sea. Armies of flattering mommy baby always love pull the Velcro shoes becomes less glue in a few days, shoes and always be able to fall. How to do? Hey hey, abandoned heavy buy exactly profligate also pretty is not cost-effective, share it with everyone some shoes on the Velcro non-stick intended disposal of small coup, desire may sponsor you!

there are several environment:

1. Hard plastic hook Velcro side stick too much stuff, can use sharp objects such as toothpicks would clutter picked out.

2。 Instead of a cast, a splint like, such as iron, stuck on slight heating is

3. The above soft sticky surface hair is shattered and sticky hairs grinding away, so much is going to stop, way is very short, can not find clothes may not useful to other material, cut up, again in line with the awl perhaps strong qualitative seam on the shoes. Also can be pressed in hand will glue Mao Yong method and rubbing, stick a time pressure, back and forth so not going to change the Velcro actually use.

4。 If there is no use in the home of the Velcro, itself can go online maybe to sell lace band find small scattered small shop to buy two feet, sew home itself, save time and effort!

5。 Above points are not to repair the shoes, to repair the shoes of the old man to help you change the back glue Velcro with respect to OK, or it is good to change the new sew in the clothing store, also pretty cheap.

6。 Buy shoes moment of attention to pick the one that through the button and then turn back to better won't buckle.

need huge investment, so it is important to shop with caution.
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