The Velcro on the shoes don't stick the treatment method

by:BAILI     2020-11-10

believes that many people have encountered such a problem, I like love shoes hook and loop not sticky, and not willing to throw away, also don't know how to repair, lost and need to buy such too wasted. hook and loop we have: (general common not sticky situation 1) Magic stick inside the hard plastic hook in the presence of viscous debris too much stuff, the things we use to pick out the impurities can be ( 2) We can use the iron objects that can be heated, on heating can stick (slightly 3) If it is worn soft hair side of hair fall off, we only need to be changed, to find some but not to wear clothes don't useful to the Velcro material, cut sewn up can be a bit strong, 4) If can't find more useful Velcro, can online to sell items or some small pieces of place to find a small shop to buy a little on your sewing ( 5) If you haven't solution to your problem, then take it to the tailor's place of shoes let uncle aunt in a Velcro sewn ( 6) And it is important to note when buying shoes can choose folding back paste that would have been better not button is not scattered

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