The Velcro supplier poison! Vans Classics' push to the high order the '

by:BAILI     2020-10-26
Vans China for this season has brought the new series: 'higher order' push ', this series will be on Old Skool V and Sk8 - Hi Reissue V two pairs of shoes as a basic outline, you may also notice that in the name of the two pairs of shoes are all in 'V' word, which is a series of things in common: both adopted in more simple Velcro supplier design replacing the traditional complex zone. This is the Old Skool V Vans Classics of classic regional identification of the highest shoes, shoe body like Vans Logo is on both sides of the side stripe Sidestripe was born on this shoe. This time based on the classic dark blue, black and white two kinds of color combination, the top of the shoe heel with suede, side canvas, again with Velcro supplier will replace shoelaces. The other two pairs of Old Skool V use all black and white color, shoe body with high-grade leather as the material. October product, Vans Classics' higher order the pedal Sk8 - Hi Reissue V also is so, the whole body with advanced, rich texture of leather, all black and white cover more highlight temperament. But it still retain some of the shoes design, only in the above to two Velcro supplier to replace, can do them in. Sk8- Hi is Old Skool a second pair of side stripe shoe, also is the first pair of high help the side of the shoe, 'Reissue' means it head on both sides of the narrow shoes, restore the original design restoring ancient ways. hook and loop cable tie also called industrial Velcro cable tie, fastening belt tie, Velcro cable ties, sticky strap tie these names are differences in every region of the term actually are the same. Industrial Velcro cable tie it with the ordinary with difference, ordinary cable tie, design check out function, only the more tight. Velcro is both sides can be divided into male female to paste, the material of the two sides made with different materials, one side is small flexible fiber and the other side is contrary to the side, slightly rough surface of hard, actually want to plus or minus two sides, so you can paste the strong is not easy to fall off.
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