The VR virtual glasses fire injection hook Velcro

by:BAILI     2020-10-03
Injection hook hook and loop strap in our life more and more popular. Now science and technology is developing rapidly, and now popular VR virtual glasses, this kind of fire now. Working principle of VR virtual glasses interlaced display mode is a picture can be divided into two figure, namely singular tracing of singular scanning chart or single figure games and even tracing of even-numbered scan games chart or graph. When using staggered display mode for three-dimensional imaging, we can put left eye image and image points in a single games figure and bipartite graph ( Or the opposite order) We call this stereo interlaced format. If you use the shutter 3 d glasses with crisscross pattern match, simply will figure a vertical synchronous signal as the shutter switch synchronization signals, namely the display field (a single chart The left picture) Users, 3 d glasses will cover one eye, when change the show I figure a, the switch cover the other eye, so the cycle, can achieve the goal of three-dimensional imaging. The VR virtual glasses with injection hook hook and loop on his head, start the VR, like place oneself in the image, the authenticity is strong.
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